Border Hopper is written and designed by Pierce Glennie. As well as documenting my travels through the world the site will host guides, intended to provide useful advice on travelling through various regions of the world.

My Travels

Pierce Glennie

A route? So far I have travelled from the UK to Pakistan via France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Baltic States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China. My next intention is to head down through India to Sri Lanka and then fly across to Malaysia. From there I will travel around Indonesia then up to Hong Kong before heading back across China from east to west.

That’s as far in advance as my plan stretches but I expect to be away for up to a year (I left the UK in August 2011). I want to leave things flexible and will update the route page with details as I progress.

As for a travel philosophy? I travel on an extremely tight budget but more out of necessity than principle. I try not to stick to guidebooks but accept their utility. I like to see places which have cropped up in the news (e.g. Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan). But most of all I just fancy getting out of the UK once in a while and living a slightly less predictable life.

Technical Details

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I have tried to ensure that the site functions correctly and consistently in every modern browser. However, given that this is the first websites I have designed, it seems inevitable that some errors will have slipped through the cracks. I apologise in advance for such errors.

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